The basic product is a complete transcript of a taped interview. After interviewing an individual or a group, SpokenHistory will transcribe the interview and edit it for accuracy. Notes may be added for clarification, but the final product remains true to what was actually said. Both the interview and the transcript can be archived for convenient retrieval.

Once the tape and the transcript are complete, they can be combined with other items to create a collection. These items may include photos, letters, publications, diaries and video and audio clips. For a presidential library or corporate archive or research library, all these materials may be collected and preserved. They may be accessible to researchers depending on the terms to which the interviewees have agreed. A family may want the final product to be an album with elegant binding to be given to family members. Both institutions and families may choose a CD as a final product, incorporating all the items in the collection and particularly suited to including audio and video clips. Once created, a CD is easily duplicated for distribution as the client wishes.


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